My Future in Podcasting…

Fun fact about me: I love listening to podcasts more than reading articles. It’s been the best way to learn new things that I don’t have to do at the moment. Yes, videos have their place and I watch YouTube but it requires me to look at the screen. (I sometimes play a YouTube video in the background but I would rewind the video to watch what I’ve missed. Yes, it’s the lazy person in me talking. Hehe.) Podcasting has been a part of my creative outlets for more than three years. As I’m writing this, I’m thinking if I should still be podcasting.

How I Started

Back in 2018, I started getting bored and finding my tech blog kinda stale. I needed another avenue to stretch my creativity. It already crossed my mind to do a podcast but I didn’t really know what to talk about. Then I realized that I could start one by talking to my content creator friends in Cebu. Thus, The Creator Life was born!

I started out with just my laptop. Yes, you heard that right. I had no proper microphone! My initial goal was just to get the podcast started. Like most of the things I started, I didn’t care too much about the quality. (This is something I still do when I try something new.) I also started the podcast doing interviews in person in places that weren’t exactly good for podcasting.

Over time, I would develop the consistency I needed to keep pumping out new episodes. I remember how much I prepared for the start of Season 2 since I knew I couldn’t do in-person interviews. That was probably the most exciting time of the podcast for me.

What’s Happening?

I’m currently on Season 6 and it feels different to do it for some reason. It feels more like an obligation than something I enjoy doing. I can’t really explain why this is other than this fact.

It got boring.

Whether it’s the lack of guests, motivation, or just simply not interested in the topics anymore, the podcast became a crutch more than a creative outlet. The last thing I want is to force myself to do something.

What’s Next?

After much thought, I’ve decided to END The Creator Life podcast. I recorded some episodes prior to posting this, so I’ll still release those. After that, I’ll post one final episode looking back at the podcast as a whole. Some of the best memories in my podcasting life are captured in episodes of this podcast. This does not mean I’m leaving the podcasting space though!

If you didn’t know yet, I started another podcast year called techieSpeak. It’s basically my avenue to talk tech in a concise manner. I’ve been thinking of how to approach that podcast for a while (which is why I haven’t posted anything yet).

I’ll be taking a hiatus from podcasting to put all my focus on Utterly Techie. I’ve recently enjoyed doing a lot of tech content especially doing mobile photography for the reviews. Here’s what I can say for now: techieSpeak is coming back soon.

Goodbye for now, podcasting. I’ll be back.

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