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  • My Podcasting Future. Again.

    My Podcasting Future. Again.

    Whether I’m making this post for you to know about my podcasting future or just for me, it’s an update of what I’m gonna do in podcasting.

  • July 2022 Update: Striving to Do Better

    July 2022 Update: Striving to Do Better

    It’s been a while since I’ve done any life update whatsoever. Because Facebook has become a toxic wasteland for me, I decided to post this July 2022 update and future life updates here. This won’t be a monthly thing. I just needed to post one because I’ve been really silent on some of my creative…

  • My Future in Podcasting…

    My Future in Podcasting…

    Podcasting has been a part of my creative outlets for more than three years now. I’m thinking long and hard whether I should still do it.