My Podcasting Future. Again.

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I don’t know if I’m making this post for you to know about my podcasting future or for me to be at peace with this decision. I’ll leave that up to you to decide which one of those you believe. (During the time I wrote this post, I didn’t realize that I did a post like this last year! I also did a hiatus back then so this felt so weird to do now.)

What Happened?

I didn’t mention it at all on social media or anything, but I’ve been in an unannounced hiatus from podcasting. The last podcast episode I posted was a techieSpeak episode back in April 22, 2023. I even ended The Creator Life last year with the last episode titled “THIS IS THE END”.

I’m pretty sure that I completely got my groove back with Utterly Techie (with a plan in the works to bring it to the next level). While keeping the blog going isn’t an issue, podcasting was something I still wanted to do. I considered keeping techieSpeak going, but I realized two things when thinking about that. One was the plethora of tech podcasts out there to the point that I wouldn’t know what else to add on top of that. The second and more important thing was:

I didn’t like podcasting solo.

Whether it was saying some awkward things or feeling weird about it, I felt like it really wasn’t for me. If I wanted to continue doing any sort of podcasting effort, I just can’t do one by myself. (This might also contribute to some of my feelings of doing YouTube videos myself.)

The impact that The Creator Life brought to me not just as a creator but as a person is really significant. It was through that podcast that I learned to have meaningful conversations with people. I even got some interview skills along the way.

With that in mind, I’m changing course from the last time I shared my podcasting future. I’ll be stopping any tech podcasts from here on out and I’m bringing back The Creator Life!

While I don’t have a set date for when the podcast is coming back, I do have plans for upcoming guests already! It’s just a matter of scheduling, recording, and editing those podcasts in order to be ready for the return. I will post an update on The Creator Life Facebook page and on The Creator Life podcast feed as to when the return will happen.

Don’t get me wrong: I still like sharing my thoughts on tech topics in audio form. I just don’t wanna do a dedicated tech podcast for that anymore. Whenever something significant happens that will provide an avenue for me to share my thoughts in a podcast form, I’ll do that in the form of bite-sized podcast episodes on The Creator Life podcast feed.

Here’s my podcasting future update in audio form:

It feels good to be back to podcasting once again.

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