July 2022 Update: Striving to Do Better

July 2022 Update Header

It’s been a while since I’ve done any life update whatsoever. Because Facebook has become a toxic wasteland for me, I decided to post this July 2022 update and future life updates here. This won’t be a monthly thing. I just needed to post one because I’ve been really silent on some of my creative outlets recently.

Regarding Countdown to The End

I recently posted about ending The Creator Life podcast with a #CountdownToTheEnd line of episodes. I recorded these last 4 episodes before I went on a rut and eventually decided to end the podcast. They were gonna be out during the month of June. The combination of being busy with work and not really into doing the podcast basically delayed this whole thing.

I am really sorry that I didn’t really update you guys on this. I didn’t do it on purpose and I felt the burnout from the podcast and posting on social media. With that in mind, I am pushing forward with #CountdownToTheEnd this month!

Here’s the guest lineup!

The Creator Life - Countdown to The End Lineup

In no particular order, here are my guests for the last 4 episodes of The Creator Life podcast:

Hannah Ty, podcaster behind the Asking For a Friend Podcast (top left) – We talk about her struggles as an up-and-coming content creator, and how asking about a lot of things “for a friend” inspired her to do her podcast.

Ace Gapuz, The Blogamomma of Blogapalooza (top right) – Really grateful to have Ace on The Creator Life to talk about the origins of Blogapalooza, how she basically made it her own, and the continued relevance of blogging in the digital age.

Jackie Elloise, beauty and lifestyle content creator (bottom left) – I got to talk to Jackie about what she has learned after being a YouTuber when she was younger.

Ashley Uy – I recorded the last episode of The Creator Life with Ashley, the guest with the most appearances on the podcast. We basically did another catch-up conversation and talked about the reasons why I had to end the podcast.

In the spirit of the last days of this podcast, I’m releasing these episodes on Fridays once again. The first of these episodes drop on July 15, 2022. Hope you guys listen to these last four episodes. I have no plans to delete the podcast feed after releasing the last episode, so you can check them all out below!

What’s Happening to techieSpeak?

Despite ending The Creator Life, it doesn’t mean that I’m leaving the podcasting world altogether. It became clear to me that techieSpeak would be my focus moving forward.

By the time this post is up, I’ll be putting out an update over on the techieSpeak podcast feed. I love talking about tech and it’s about time I pour more of my effort here. Hope you’ll join me for the ride!

UtterlyTechie.com is still kicking! Although I’ve admittedly slowed down, I hope to ramp back up this month as we’re heading to another busy tech season! This means my reviews for the Infinix ZERO 5G and the Redmi Note 11 will hopefully be up by the end of this month.

That’s it for my July 2022 update. Besides all that, I’m also trying to take care of myself health-wise so I can’t really do too many long nights like I used to. Hope you’re all staying safe through these really challenging times everyone!

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